IMA Organizes

Republic Day Fest’ 2024

“We the People of India”, are words from the Preamble of the Indian Constitution, that resonate with every Indian, living anywhere around the World.

IMA KUWAIT, under the patronage of The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, conducted an enigmatic Republic Day Fest’, for the members of the IMA, Ladies Club, on Saturday, 27th January 2024.

To celebrate the unity and integrity, an array of competitions were conducted such as the Creative Cooking Contest, Elocution Competition on the topic “The art of Finding Friendship in a Foreign Land”, which received entries in multiple regional languages of India.

The participants actively engaged in the Republic Day Quiz and various fun games. However, the focal point of the program was the Children’s Fancy Dress Competition, where kids even as young as three year olds, dressed up as various Freedom Fighters of India, and raised the bar of performance to a new degree.

The Chief Guest of the program Mrs. Revathy Felix, a prominent educationist, gave an outstanding speech on the topic, “Divided by Borders, United by Food”, throwing light on how food is a language in itself.

Also addressing the gathering with a robust presentation on “The Art of Being Human”, was Ms. Fadheela Ebrahim, a well known Entrepreneur and educationist. Glancing through the pages of Indian history and the essence of the Republic Day, Ms. Ebrahim, engaged the audience, with her thoughtful questions such as, what makes us Human? and What does Oneness of humanity mean?

The IMA, Ladies Club plans to host numerous programs and activities for its members in and around Kuwait.

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