All participants should reach the venue at 3:00pm on event day.
Each participant can participate only in any 2 Events


Elocution Competition:

  • Speech duration – 3min
  • Language- Urdu / English
  • Elocution Topics

GROUP A – 13 TO 19 YRS

  • Prophet ﷺ Seerah , My Guiding Star to Excellence
  • Prophet ﷺ character was the Quran

GROUP B – 19 TO 29 YRS

  • Victory at Badr
  • Lessons from Hijra

Hadith Memorization Competition

  • Hadith pdf with Hadith in Arabic / Urdu/ Roman Urdu translation will be provided
  • Hadith will be asked in both Arabic and its translation either English / Urdu
  • Separate Hadith pdf will be provided for Group A and Group B

Poster Presentation on Tibb e Nabavi


  • Prophetic Medicines to be drawn and benefits written on A3 chart.
  • Poster should be Creative, Visually Appealing ,Text Readable and Information authentic and clear.
  • Hand written, both Hand drawings and Printed images can be used.
  • Posters to be submitted on Program Day with short explanation by the participant.{2 to 3 min}

GROUP B – 19 TO 29 YRS

  • Cooked Sunnah dish to be displayed well on event day
  • Participant should mention the ingredients and benefits of the dish [2 to 3 min]

-Small quizzes will be conducted with instant gifts
-No children allowed in the program
– Fabulous prizes for winners
– Certificate of participation will be given to all participants

Registration is must on or before 17th October 2022 with your complete Name, Area and Contact number



Group A Hadith Hifz (2

Group B Hadith Hifz (2)

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