IMA -Ladies wing conducted an enlightening get together with fellow citizens of other faith to develop better inter faith understanding; promote harmony, friendship and goodwill in Indian communities living in Kuwait. Also to clear their misconceptions about Islam and oppressing of women in Islam.

Highlights of the programme were: An awareness session by Dr.Aysha Khanum about “Dental health and  care” followed by thought provoking speech by Dr. Aasiya shahana on ‘The Message  and The Messenger” which was basically about the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) mission under the light of Qur’an.

Children were also having a interactive session on the topic “How to respect and obey their parents” conducted by Sister Tabassum.

Quiz and 1 minute games were also organized to entertain the ladies and children with fabulous prizes and gifts. The programme was highly successful with lot of positive response from the guests.

Islam presentation committee books corner was also arranged by IPC dayiyah. Free copies of Qur’an and other books about Islam and prophets were also distributed.

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