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Mahe Muharram-ul-haram ke Bidaat Aur Kharafaat

بسم اللہ الرحمان الرحیم ماہ محرم الحرام  کے بدعات اور خرافات لفظ محرم کے لغوی معنی مقدس، احترام والا ،  حرمت والا ۔ اس مہینے میں قتل و غارت، جھگڑے…

Maahe Muharram Aur uski Bidaat

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ماہ محرم اور اس کی بدعات زاہدہ   افہام یوں تو سال کے بارہ مہینے اور ہر مہینے کے تیس دن اللہ کے پیدا کئے ہوئے، لیکن…

what we do

Educating ladies in such a manner that they can contribute positively to the society

“IMA-Ladies wing” came in to existence in 2003 with an aim to educate the Muslim women, towards their spiritual and personal development. It works towards development of beautiful character in ladies which would benefit the entire family and the generations to come.


Organizing monthly public programs in all the 5 zones Salmiya, Abbasiya, Khaitan, Fahaheel and Mangaf to educate the Muslim women with Islamic qualities and values


Conducting Qur'an Tafseer/Hadees classes in various areas of Kuwait such as Salmiya, Abbasiya, Ishbiliya and Mangaf are being benefited from these classes.


Seminars and workshops are also organized on Parenting, Family issues as well as Social Issues.


Quran Tafseer Classes

Our Quran Tafseer Classes takes place all over Kuwait, hundreds of ladies benefits from these classes. The course includes Tafseer, Seerah and Memorization of Duas. 

Seerah of Sahabiyath
Quran Tafseer and Group Discusssions

for Our little ones

Zahrathul Jannah

Conducting Girls meet once in a month in each zone to enhance their Islamic knowledge and talent of public speaking.

  • Islamic Teachings
  • Picnic and Outdoor activities
  • Crafts and Cooking Classes
  • Personality Development sessions

outreach activities

Interfaith Gatherings

IMA-Ladies wing not only focusing on developing the character of Muslim women. They also conducts various Enlightening get together with women of other faiths-which includes seminars on women health care, importance of women in Islam, women are blessed not oppressed in Islam order to clear their misconception of  about Islam and Muslim women.

Eid Get-together

LadiesWing conducts Eid Get-together with fellow citizens to clear misconception about Islam.

Interfaith Iftar Party

interfaith Iftar get-together for Indian expatriates living in Kuwait to disseminate the message of Ramadan

IMA Kuwait

Our Stregth

For carrying out our activities smoothly IMA Ladies Wing has formed 5 regional units in different parts of Kuwait i.e., in Salmiya, Abbasiya, Khaitan, Fahaheel and Mangaf.

Tafseer Classes
Regional units
45 +
Well Wishers

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"IMA Ladies wing is working with their objectives, to inculcate Islamic awareness among Indian Muslim expatriates through educational, cultural and social activities"