“Whatsoever is on it (the Earth) will perish”

Time, since the existence of human beings, has been witnessing uncountable lives taking births and dying, traditions and civilizations coming into existence and vanishing from the surface of earth, and nations and powers rising and waning. Everything in this universe is changing. Philosophies, theories and laws have been changing, but nothing remains forever. Every creature and everything; living or non-living, on this earth has born to die or vanish one day. God says in chapter 55, Surah Ar-Rahman, verse 26, “Whatsoever is on it (the Earth) will perish”. In this verse, a truth has been revealed to human beings that nobody in this universe is immortal and nor the provisions that human beings are enjoying in the World is everlasting. However proud a person can be, but his haughtiness will perish as he is a mere an insignificant being when compared to the Universe.

And whatever human set up as deities or their helpers apart from Allah SWT, they will be of no use to him. As they themselves are in need of Allah’s help. Whatever is happening in this Universe occurs under the command of one God alone. No one can therefore influence anyone else’s destiny in any way.

Before the final trumpet will be blown there are signs which Allah SWT will manifest in this world. I think the beginning of the end of the world has already begun. The first thing which comes to my mind is the deadly Corona Virus. Has it not made us all prisoners in our own homes? Millions have perished in the last year and half of this deadly pandemic. The virus is smartly mutating to more complicated varieties. Loss of lives, employment and freedom has touched the lives of millions of common people in all corners of the globe. All of this show that Allah SWT is sending us a strong message to turn to him in repentance and prayer. A message very clearly spelt out for mankind in his book, the holy Quran.

This current pandemic has made people realize the transitory nature of our lives, our wealth, our children and all things that we crave for in this world. Other natural disasters which have become frequent and severe is surely a sign of the end which is near. It is my firm belief that Allah SWT is giving us an opportunity to correct ourselves and start working in earnest for our Akhirah.

We as humans need to look around and realize that the signs are manifest all around our daily lives. The most obvious of signs is the fleeting of Time itself. It is very common to hear people talk about the speed with which “Time” is passing by. Years seems to be rolling over in matter of weeks. Men of understanding have started to recognize these signs as the day of the end of the Earth is nearing.

The world can end at any time by a simple earthquake, a meteor strike, a nuclear war and some other man-made or natural disaster. Global warming is causing loss of glaciers, accelerated sea-level rise and more intense heat waves. Because of shortening monsoons, disappearing forests, and devastating state of agriculture, the world is already going through a crisis in food. Drying rivers, decreasing water table and reducing water reservoirs are causing shortage of drinking water. These have led to tougher living conditions for the human sapiens and animal life. Scientists have warned of harmful effects of climate change but common man doesn’t bother much and go on heedless about these facts. Therefore, nature will play its role and destruction is sure to come by the Will of Allah SWT.

In Surah At-Takwir (81:01-03), it is said that the sun will be folded up, which means that its light will be lost. In the second Ayaat, Allah SWT informs us that the stars and the planets will scatter in the Universe as the gravitational and kinetic and potential forces which hold them in their positions will disappear. The mountains will scatter like clouds. Thus, the horrors of “the final day”, Yaum-al-Qiyamah or the Day of Judgement, has been firmly described by Allah SWT. We human beings have become heedless and don’t want to believe these predictions, instead we are very much attracted to our worldly lives. In fact, besides knowing the fact ”every moment, when it has passed, becomes past, and every moment of the future, when it is passing, becomes present, and when it has passed, becomes past” and also that nobody has born to stay forever on this earth, we don’t want to think that we will leave all of these, someday.

Similarly in Surah Al-Inshiqaq (84:1-2), the book of Allah SWT describes the day of Qiyamah as a time when the Heavens will split asunder, the Earth will be spread out plain and smooth and all that is buried on Earth will be taken out. Further, in Surah Taha (20: 106-107), it is mentioned that the Earth will be turned into an empty level plain.

In the end, I would like to conclude that we should accept the fact that everything in this universe will perish one day except the Almighty Allah, our creator. The creator has created human beings, in this vast universe for a limited period of few years to worship Him.  Hence, we have to know our creator, we have to follow the true path shown by Him and absorb truth and justice in our lives and recommend others to follow the same. We have to get prepared for standing in front of our creator on the day of judgement and accountability.  When everything will be destroyed, only our faith in Allah and good deeds will come for our rescue and save us from Hell. Entering into heaven hereafter is real triumph and the Ultimate Success.



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